What I'm In It For


In light of my site’s restyle, and in the spirit of fresh starts, I want to share something I’ve always been afraid to talk about in a very public manner: how I came to have my own business in social media.

In business school, many of my classmates had very specific aspirations, and one career path was particularly popular: become a consultant, earn lots of money to recoup the fiscal deficit created by paying tuition for two years without a steady income, get out before burning out, and then pursue something they really want. Of course, I wanted to make up for giving up a cushy tech income for two years as well — but one thing was salient — deep down, I need to love what I am doing. I figured, if I had so much passion for my job that I was raring to have a crack at it every morning, then even if I failed, I would have no regrets.

This realization was not easy to come to terms with. Throughout my second year in b-school, I was flirting with the idea of working for various tech startups. My first job out of college was at one, and I enjoyed learning from all my brilliant colleagues, and putting on different hats every day. I remember my manager and mentor, who was the founder and CEO of the company, being dynamic, interesting, and open to teaching a newbie like me pieces of how to run a company. I was impressed by how he always seemed ready to take on the day, even if he had to fight some fires. Despite interviewing with multiple companies during business school, nothing seemed to really click. I felt frustrated because the career I envisioned — being able to learn from an incredible boss and mentor like I had at my first job, fitting right in with the culture, and working with like-minded individuals — seemed to move further and further out of my grasp.

Until it became clear that I could create the career that I envisioned, myself.

My mom was (and still is) an extremely hard worker who constantly strove to do her best in everything she undertook, while my dad has had a successful career doing something artistic and out-of-the-ordinary. From my parents I inherited a creative bend and the determination to see things through. After a series of serendipitous events proved that I have a knack for social media, I took the ball and just ran with it. I love the challenges that come with working in this creative industry, and how I am always using my unique skillsets in technology strategy, marketing, analytics, and communication to bring a very specific artistic vision to life. Although I am still far from where I want to be, and my company is still a one-woman outfit, this circuitous route to what I am doing now might have been the best thing for me, as it has been marked by experiences that have proven to be helpful when I least expected it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m in it to become the best version of myself. What are you in it for? #InItTogether

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