My Favorite Luggage... Ever.

In the last few months while I was on my sabbatical, preparing to travel to various destinations, I realized that my luggage was just not cut out for frequent traveling. A wheel or two had fallen off in its first outing flying domestic, and the polycarbonate got badly scratched on its first use. My luggage was from a reputable brand that had a mid-to-high price point, and I could not fathom why the bags would break down so easily from the regular rigors of traveling. While I could send them in for repairs, I didn’t think the hassle was worth it, given that I will be needing those bags a lot and soon.

I decided to give the decent ones standing to the Salvation Army, and ended up buying Rimowa.

Why? I knew I wanted something that was made mostly of aluminum, was extremely stylish, and could stand the test of time well. And since both aluminum and polycarbonate were going to get scratched anyway, I petulantly decided that I would rather have scratches on aluminum, where the cases would still look chic while “telling” my travel story. It also helps that Rimowa has an awesome service policy, and a wide network of providers all over the world to get your luggage in tip-top order before your flight should something happen to it. My favorites are from their Original Cabin line, in black — they seriously just look cool AF. I was lucky enough to snag the Fall 2018 Off-White™ ╳ RIMOWA “See Through” suitcases for the hubs and I as well, just in time for trips coming up in about a week — I love how they come with an amenity kit filled with spare wheels in a bright orange, lending a pop of color to the luggage!

This article has not been sponsored by Rimowa — I just like my new luggage so much that I can’t help but want to share my love for them. Props to the awesome Ashley at the San Francisco store, whose long hours spent schooling me in the art and science of Rimowa has turned her into a friend as well!


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